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Business Mentoring

I help creative entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, conscious business owners to design thriving service packages and to implement their new online business model with the right growth strategies.

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The Brand

I develop custom made, one of a kind, natural brand scents that connect you with your coaching clients, in the most unique way.

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I help start-ups to launch their own natural cosmetic products on the market; from business model design, to product development and beyond.

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Biz Buddies Community

The Biz Buddies Community is a growing, global, online community of service providers, creative entrepreneurs, conscious business owners who support each other to move their businesses forward together.

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“Rita helped me to enlarge and systematize the process of launching an ecommerce startup. And that means a lot, almost like a lifestyle changing! Because this business is me! And the result is: Surround myself with people who make me curious, and Rita make me curious! Get my timing right.”

Silvia Jorg Sp Essentials

Rita is a great mentor and an amazing human being! She helped me figure out where to start with my business and she guided me through the development of the product. She handed me clear cheatsheets and action lists, and she supported me through the development of a strategy for my company. Her knowledge, support, enthusiasm, and motivational skills are all you need in a mentor that will guide you to success!

Maria Rosaria Di Lecceowner at SAIA

“We developed the SophroScent Brand Essence to support my clients with burn-out and depression problems. My clients use the scented hand cream as part of their therapy. They not only benefit from the exercise, but are also reminded of my coaching sessions in an unconscious way.”

Laurence , health coach owner at Sophrosan
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