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My Story

Hi, my name is Rita Thomassen and I guide lady entrepreneurs through practical business solutions and a holistic branding ambiance.

I’m a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur, and I like to describe myself as a teacher, a giver, and a sharer.

When I got married and we were gifted with our son, we – as a family – made the best decision we could by changing our life drastically; my husband and I went from a full-time corporate-job life, to a slow, ‘green’ family life. I started cooking with fresh and real ingredients, and opted for making and using chemical free household detergents.
This important change allowed me to discover myself again.

Through different tools, I connected with myself; I did mindfulness, got together with conscious friends for long talks and walks in nature, and I used my therapeutic grade essential oils to reconnect with my new self.

On my new journey, I figured out that I love to share my passion about green and clean lifestyle with conscious people — and that’s how my first business was born! I started GLIN, Green & Clean, the first eco soap school in the Netherlands.

Through working with my clients, it was clear to me that they were missing a unique way to connect with their audiences. After finding some inspiration and thanks to their precious feedback, I was soon led to my next business idea; The Brand Essence, a scent-developing service, in which I can help my clients identifying and creating a unique brand essence which will help them bond closely with their audiences.

Gradually, after realizing that my corporate knowledge and my holistic approach were key to help entrepreneurs, I have decided to add a new layer to my services and I have introduced mentoring programs. These programs aim to combine the corporate Business Process Management method and a holistic view to help move forward anyone who wants to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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What makes me different

I connect female business owners to their essence through several niche business solutions.

We focus on your challenges and we use various business tools, systems and solutions to move your business forward.

I believe in you – you have all the necessary elements of your business – and together – we will connect the dots and bring it altogether to the next level.

What you get

I deliver high impact business solutions, mentoring & marketing tools with a distinct connection to the senses.

This brings an empowering, positive, and healthy focus that improves your business and your life.

My offer: Holistic Solutions. Business Success.

I help boss ladies with holistic business process solutions, training and implementation support.


I develop custom made, one of a kind natural brand scents that will help female service providers connecting with their audience through the essence of their brand.


I provide mentoring and business support to women-founded natural cosmetics start-ups.


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Why choose me

Because I am just like you. I am balancing between building my own businesses and being present as a mother.
Because I have been through all the highs and lows with my own businesses.
Because I show you there are no problems, but just opportunities to grow.
Because I show you the power of your mind and how to take actions.
Because I believe in change.
Because I have a funny accent and I’m soul driven.

Things I believe in:

  • Empowerment of modern women to embrace consciousness
  • Business with soul is the key to enlightenment
  • Fulfillment is the ultimate gift we give ourselves
  • Together, we can make change happen
  • Fair trade, organic and all things sustainable
  • Nature & Business are my fuel to move forward
  • The purity of life’s greatest things
  • Nature as our future

Do we share common values?

Come and join other shining ladypreneurs who chose to support each other with holistic business solutions.


Exercising your inner strength.