This program is for those solopreneurs who are ready to extend their one-man show, and grow their organization!

Why choose this program?

Because it will provide you with a new, reloaded business model ready to rock

Because it will show you the way to expand your organization

Because it will get you ready to hand over your supporting business processes for quick and safe outsourcing

Because it will allow you to design your control activities in order to keep your business on track, no matter your number of collaborators

Because it will give you all the documentation, tools and systems that you need, in order to level up your business

Because we design your tailor-made, new business model – in detail – together

How does it work?


  • 3 online 90-minute sessions, spread over 6 weeks
  • Initial Business Assessment
  • Written Session Summaries
  • High level Business Model Design with process models documentation for future strategy
  • Proven holistic business process methodology used
  • Necessary templates, tools, tutorials and systems included

You will learn: 

How to give your business the right stardust to shine even brighter

How to create and lead your new organization

How to fulfil your freshly designed business model, while staying aligned with business goals and vision

Satisfied Mentoring Customer


“Our project helped my company excel up. For a while I knew that I need to change things in my business, but could not see what and how.
Rita and her business process management background help my mid sized company to get a boost after we did the BUSINESS RELOADED followed by the GET FOCUSED, which is a 1 on 1 , 6 weeks long mentoring program. I got clear on what worked and what did not work in my current business organization, settings, processes. Also we designed the improved, “tobe” business models and defined the implementation plan to start making the change immediately. With the Get Focused Program I rolled out the implementation plan with her support. Our work helped me to see what was not going well in the company and showed me how to change and improve my business. She gave me the right business tools to bring my company to the next level.“

– Janos , owner at Mechan

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