“I knew about a Rita’s website when I was planing my short summer trip to Netherlands and I was looking for workshop in English language, as I used to do something new every vacation but that one was a real life changing to me. First, we met on Skype learning how to do soap only was my intention & through the conversation I knew about the mentoring program. I said to myself why not turn it into green minded local business. I could have choosen the soap only. However, I’m glad, I made that decision. I’ve learned a lot since that meeting & still learning as Rita says “it is a marathon not a race “. It is a whole new world to me, overwhelming & it is totally out of my comfort zone, yet Rita is always there giving a helping hand,support,answering my questions, giving me helpful links, tips and connecting me with people who might help me and I think even after this program finish, I will continue working with Rita & if I had a chance I will visit her again in Netherlands but this time for tea, coffee or maybe a walk at the beach as she is a really nice person not only as a mentor. Thank you Rita!”

Home Spa ProductsFounder

“I had the pleasure to work with amazing Rita on my business strategy development for 4 one-on-one sessions (+ one introduction call). You'd think that's not much, but you'd be surprised to see how much we managed to accomplish during those few sessions!!!
I seriously cannot stress enough how helpful she was to me with my business model and just setting my plans and the focus for future.
I am a creative comic artist and an illustrator, and I was all over the place with my creativity not really knowing what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be in next 5 years and how to get there.. I saw my potential future through a keyhole and Rita helped me to open the door to see the full picture with all the possibilities and where I had to go to reach my goals (that we discovered also together).
What I realized that that my thinking was focused "short-term", but Rita asked the right questions to help me figure out my long-term goals which happened to be very different from my short-term goals, and my activities at that time did not support getting that far.
So together we mapped it out for me: starting from defining my values in life, what other people thought my values were (which was a very interesting insight) and what I had to do about it.
Rita was always very well prepared for each session, structured and knowledgable, full of creative ideas, always in a positive mood despite the circumstances and in general very pleasant to work with. To me it was important that I could open up to a person, be honest and admit things to myself out loud and not feel judged, and it was so easy with Rita!
To sum up, if you want to take action to success and clarify the business strategy (+ so much more) with an expert - Rita is your person to go to!

Liga KarklinaComic Artist

“I learned with Rita to make natural self and home care products. I am very happy with the products and have seen many improvements on my skin and my family too! Rita is very good at what she does and the workshop was fun, interesting and awesome value! I truly recommend it! Rita has also helped me with my business initiatives through her Entrepreneurial mentoring she offers through Brand essence. Rita is an invaluable support through the process of setting up your business, she offers the personal touch combine with her business experience and creative knowledge! I will be developing my commercial self care products in the future and I will come to Rita as she can help from the inception to production! What an amazing mentor! Thank you!”

Rox De Abreu França

“Rita helped me to enlarge and systematize the process of launching an ecommerce start-up.
And that means a lot, almost like a lifestyle changing!
Because this business is me!
And the result is:
Surround myself with people who make me curious, and Rita make me curious!
Get my timing right and be true to my passion.”


“I have completed the products development module as part of the GLIN mentoring programme with Rita, and I have found it the most enjoyable experience. I have found Rita an experienced instructor and very creative individual, one willing to think with you whether is about new business opportunities or new products that can be added to your portfolio. In only one session I was much more confident about starting a new business in a complete new market. The follow up support provided is second to none, this gave me the reassurance for the future incase I ever needed a listen ear or support. Therefore,I would recommend this course to whomever wants or is seriously thinking about starting a natural cosmetics company.”

Farhiya Issa

“Our project helped my company excel up. For a while I knew that I need to change things in my business, but could not see what and how.
Rita and her business process management background help my mid sized company to get a boost after we did the BUSINESS RELOADED followed by the GET FOCUSED, which is a 1 on 1 , 6 weeks long mentoring program. I got clear on what worked and what did not work in my current business organization, settings, processes. Also we designed the improved, “tobe” business models and defined the implementation plan to start making the change immediately. With the Get Focused Program I rolled out the implementation plan with her support. Our work helped me to see what was not going well in the company and showed me how to change and improve my business. She gave me the right business tools to bring my company to the next level.”

JanosOwner at Mechan

“Rita is a great mentor and an amazing human being! She helped me figured out where to start with my business and she guided me through the development of the product. She handed me clear cheatsheets and action lists, and she supported me through the development of a strategy for my company. Her knowledge, support, enthusiasm, and motivational skills are all you need in a mentor that will guide you to success!”

Maria Rosaria De LecceOwner at SAIA

“Our Brand Essence is an extra feature in our classrooms, where the special combination of essential oils support our students’ personal development. They get energized and focused on our lessons thanks to the Brand Essence.
Our students tell their friends: Our English class is special because you can smell knowledge.”

ZsuzsannaOwner at Cool Club

“We developed the SophroScent Brand Essence to support my clients with burn-out and depression problems. My clients use the scented hand cream as part of their therapy. They not only benefit from the exercise, but are also reminded of my coaching sessions in an unconscious way.”

Laurence Owner at health coach and owner at Sophrosan

“I loved working with Rita because she was flexible, energetic and really listened to what I was looking to achieve with my scent. I decided to create a brand essence because I wanted to provide my clients with an immersive experience and a brand essence was the perfect added touch. Given a lot of my work is done remotely I’ve not been able to use the scent with any clients yet, however I do use it in my personal office on work days and every time we have an brand strategy workshop. I find that using the scent helps me focus and always makes me smile”

Gina Dunn Owner iGiana

“We decided to develop our brand essence because our vision is to empower women. On our Brand Essence Development Workshop, we invited our women to describe our vision and translate it to our own unique brand scent. We took our target group along to make it ‘our’ brand, the brand for all women using products or services from LivelyLives. The brand scent helps to strengthen our identity by using it in the boxes sent with products, using it in products such as candles and let it remember people that LivelyLives is there to empower women. During our Brand Essence Development, Rita advised to think about making our own labelled products with our unique brand scent. The workshop was a great party of sharing, laughing and caring. And the feeling of natural elements fits into our core identity that we like to express.”

Jeanet & Mady Ann Owner at Livelylives

“Rita carefully guided me in exploring various aspects of the brand and even challenged me to think not about my needs as the organizer but of the clients’ needs. People came out of the event feeling enveloped with such warmth and acknowledgement, partly because of the experience that the Brand Essence gave”

Lanaorganizer of HUG Compassion Conference