Get Focused Program


This program is for real committed entrepreneurs only!

It requires full dedication and at least 4-6 hours of your time weekly!

Why choose this program?

Because it will teach you how to move your business forward with actionable steps, in a systematic way

Because it will help you to set your long- and short- term goals and plan your work aligned with your goals

Because it will make you grab your business, shake it hard, and let it shine brighter

Because it will give you a partner (me!) to keep you moving forward towards your dreams

Because we will be working together to motivate you, keep you on track, cry, laugh and celebrate – with champagne and chocolate – your success

How does it work?


  • 6 online 60-minute weekly sessions
  • Initial Business Assessment
  • Written Session Summaries & Templates Provided
  • Setting of Action Plan with Weekly Goals
  • Action Plan Evaluation
  • Necessary templates, tools, tutorials and systems included

You will learn:

How to access a new business mindset that ensures your business to keep moving

How your business will be rolling without hiccups

How to use new working methods that will allow you to get more free time and space

How to focus and deal with the right (money-making) priorities

How business strategical thinking will improve your decision-making skills

Satisfied Mentoring Customer


“Rita is a great mentor and an amazing human being! She helped me figure out where to start with my business and she guided me through the development of the product. She handed me clear cheatsheets and action lists, and she supported me through the development of a strategy for my company. Her knowledge, support, enthusiasm, and motivational skills are all you need in a mentor that will guide you to success!”

– Maria Rosaria Di Lecce , owner at SAIA

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