Is Your Goal To Become Your Own Boss Who Has It All, But Despite All Your Ambitions You Are Not Moving Forward As You Planned?

When you clicked on this page, you were consciously looking for help, weren’t you?
You have just taken the biggest step towards change & success!
The path to grow and run a shining profitable business is tough.

You might feel:

Overwhelmed by all steps needed to launch and/or expand your business.

24 hours are not enough for you to go through your to-do list, and worst of all – your bank account doesn’t really seem to be growing.

If you are familiar with these situations, I am here to help you.

My Mission Is To Accelerate Systematic Success for Your Online Business!

Systematic Success Accelerator Program

My mentoring approach is a highly personalized program, focusing on your real business needs & mindset, and it is filled with the right tools, strategies, systems & processes for your situation today!

CEO Of your business.

1. We map out all of your life & business skills and together, we build your online service packages.
2. We discover your life-changing experiences and match them to the needs of your customers.
3. We get you to the CEO mindset,making sure you are ready grow exponentially.
4. We focus on the right habits & positive beliefs to move your business forward.

Your Online Business Model & Service Packages:

1. We work on your business essence together.
2. We (re)design your online business model & service packages.
3. We define your vision, company mission, and core value – in other words, all the essentials for a successful business.
4. We research & validate your audience and their needs together.

Your Systematic Success Strategy:

  1. We create a step-by-step Business Plan for (re)launching your new, online business model based on a strategy leading to success.
  2. We define your Core Business Processes – the money making activities – while getting ready for automation & outsourcing.
  3. We systematize your marketing processes to gain momentum & free your personal time

Your Pricing & Authentic Selling

1. We work on Your Prospect to Paying Client Process design & implementation together
2. We put the right pieces together to create the sales funnel that converts
3. We explore how to position Yourself on the Market as the GO-TO EXPERT
4. We learn to structure your calls to secure more sales.
5. We guide your clients through the decision-making process by turning their NOs and “Cannot afford you” into YES by finding the real underlying issues for their hesitation (fear of failure or fear of success).

After the Systematic Success Accelerator Program:

You have your online business model essentials in place, tested & implemented.

You have a clear vision where you are heading with your business and how you are going to get there.

You, as the Leader of your niche, have all the growth strategies that allows you to run your successful online business.

You grow your network is expanding with speed thanks to the clear positioning & your communication strategy.

You have money flowing in as your pricing is reflecting the value your services bring to your clients.

You work efficiently by creating a productive schedule around your lifestyle. All the business systems, application & business processes are tailored to your business model and defined to support you, a conscious business owner.

You are able to live life in your own terms, while enjoying the freedom & flexibility that you have always desired.

How Do We Set Your Success System Together:

  • We spend 10×50 minutes, one-on-one mentoring sessions online over the course of 4 months.All the sessions are very intensive ( Power Hour), packed with the right information and active exercises.
  • Each time you get your homework to move your business forward with sharp focus.
  • You get access to an online tool where all our activities are documented, stored & accessible anytime, even after our Program is finished.
    I share the recording of the sessions, when requested.
    As part of your personalized mentoring package, you get all the necessary resources, tools, workbooks, videos, and PDF guides to support you in this major business change

Just a quick word about how we get systematically started together:

  1. Step: After completing your payment, you get your welcome email with your service agreement link, together with a link to your Business Maturity Assessment.
  2. Step: After submitting your answers to the Assessment, we start with a “Power Hour” session to discuss your dreams and current business situation. We design your weekly action plan & business milestones, together with your next mentoring appointment.
  3. Step: We get into massive actions to move your business forward together.
  4. Step: We celebrate your successful milestones from time to time together.

My Client`s Words:

“Rita is a great mentor and an amazing human being! She helped me figured out where to start with my business and she guided me through the development of the product. She handed me clear cheat-sheets and action lists, and she supported me through the development of a strategy for my company. Her knowledge, support, enthusiasm, and motivational skills are all you need in a mentor that will guide you to success!”

-Maria Rosaria de Leche, Copywriting Expert



All of my clients are soul-driven entrepreneurs who want to move their business forward.
They are both an already existing business, or start-ups and freelancers who are willing to move to the next level.
One thing my clients have in common?
They all want to turn their dreams into profitable business.
There are clients that simply need support to establish their business model. There are others that need help tackling the overwhelming, daily business operations. And sometimes, there are customers whose dream is to launch their online business and they need clarity on the how-to’s of the industry.
I work with enthusiastic people all around the world. I have clients from all over Europe, the Middle-East, and the U.S. Many of my clients are expats who love traveling and living abroad.
One of my clients’ distinguishing features is that they all have the drive to create an outstanding business that is successful.
If this is you, then my mentoring program is perfect for you!


I am a positive, soul-driven, green-minded woman who sees opportunities to grow everywhere. If you identify yourself with any of these adjectives, then we’re definitely a good fit!
I believe in doing, achieving, creating — there’s one word you won’t find in my dictionary, and that’s ‘PROBLEM’.
Problems are only challenges to me, and I see them as a means to help us move forward and grow. And that’s what I will do when mentoring you for your business.
My motto is ‘Never stop learning and growing’.
My mentoring sessions are planned on the basis of a flexible schedule. Therefore, we will always pick the best time and date to suit your needs.
I will stand by your side throughout the process. I will listen to you carefully, I will help you craft a successful business, and I will celebrate your success with you.
Need an extra opinion? Check out my CLIENTS LOVE to see what entrepreneurs like you have to say about my mentoring programs!


No, I work with entrepreneurs in very diverse industries, including health and wellness, mid-sized manufacturers, coaching, marketing and online strategy, natural cosmetics, non-profit, and much more.

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