– I am Rita Thomassen –

 My clients call me Systematic Success Accelerator – a.k.a. Business Mentor

It is time to get to know each other better.
I am happy to connect with you.
You, who is a conscious business owner.
You, who is the designated driver, creating a business around a lifestyle
You, who is the LEADER that helps others transform their life.
You, who is ready for CHANGE & wants to get out of your COMFORT ZONE.
You, who understands that everything is connected and SYSTEMS & PROCESSES are the heart of your SUCCESS.

Let`s build your BUSINESS SYSTEMS, one BUSINESS PROCESS at the time, together!
Is this your first time meeting me in the online space?


I`m such a boring girl.
Big groups are not for me, noise lets me run fast, I cannot do girly chats, but I am fascinated with the small things; nature and its beauty, slow and clean family life without chemicals, the beach and waves hitting the sand.
I love to be FREE as a bird – that’s why I transformed my LIFE & WORK to fit my needs.
As an empath, I CARE about US! Us as in people, communities, the globe. Us as in souls & hearts.

What You Get

I deliver high impact business strategies, mentoring & marketing tools.
This brings a healthy, empowering, and positive focus that improves your business and your life.

What Makes Me Different

I think in systems and translate them into processes. I love to challenge myself to find the blinds pots and come up with endless creative solutions to move a business forward to excellence.

  • I love turning dreams into successful business models and implementing them with the right growth strategies.
  • I connect you to your essence through several niche business solutions.
  • We focus on your challenges and learn how to overcome them through strategies, tools, systems, processes and
  • I believe in you – you have all the necessary elements to grow your business. Together, we will connect the dots and bring it altogether to the next level.

Why choose me?

  • Because I am just like you. I am balancing between building my own businesses and being present as a mother.
  • Because I have been through all the highs and lows with my own businesses.
  • Because I show you there are no problems but just opportunities to grow.
  • Because I show you the power of your mind and how to take actions.
  • Because I have a funny accent and I’m soul-driven.
  • Because I believe in change.

Things I Believe In:

  • Empowerment of digital business owner to embrace consciousness
  • Business with soul is the key to enlightenment
  • Fulfillment is the ultimate gift we give ourselves
  • Together, we can make change happen
  • Fair trade, organic and all things sustainable
  • Nature & Business are my fuel to move forward
  • The purity of life’s greatest things
  • Nature as our future

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